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Whatever land acquisition or disposal solutions you require, we are ready to help as we are nimble-footed, personal and flexible in our approach. Whether you prefer land promotion, a land option agreement or simply want a straightforward sale we are able to facilitate the appropriate land transaction for you!

          Strategic            Land Promotion

We work with landowners to secure planning for future use of their land for residential or mixed-use developments. The UK has a staggering shortage of homes and once your site has planning it becomes very attractive for developers to new build homes which significantly increases its value. 

Many councils are struggling to meet their housing targets owing to the lack of development sites. We will promote your site to be adopted into the Local Plan or as an opportunistic development site. We will pay (where appropriate) ALL planning and associated costs for the promotion of your site. We will work in partnership with you in an open and transparent manner to secure the best planning outcome in the shortest practical time. We will work to maximise the value of your site as that too is the most beneficial outcome for us.

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Strategic Land Promotion
Green Farm


 Option Agreements

Land is a precious asset whose value we can help you maximise in a risk-free manner. We believe in and deliver sustainable developments that reduce carbon footprint, enhance family life and protect the vulnerable environments. We proactively engage local stakeholders ensuring that we constructively address any objections and provide appropriate mitigation measures. We find that this approach ensures faster attainment of planning consents.

Our Land Option Agreements ensure fair profit share once planning has been achieved. We have an extensive database of fully funded traditional house-builders and specialist local developers who are eager to acquire your site. Using both our developer clients and the open market we will achieve the best sale price for your land.

Land Purchase Options
Brownfield Site Purchases

          Brownfield         Site Acquisitions

We will consider all types of brownfield sites with or without planning. More often than not we find that planning on brownfield and regeneration sites is not maximised to its fullest potential. Using our expertise we can add significantly to the quality and value of brownfield sites. 

Image by Liz Weddon
House Frames


Constrained Sites

Land site constraints like utility services, flood risk or contamination can often lead to the downward valuation if not properly addressed.

Addressing these complicated issues can often lead to exceptional professional costs that need to be expended to address these issues. At Caversham Land, we have an in-house experienced technical engineering team who are able to proficiently address these constraints so as to maximize your site's value. 

If you have a particularly challenging site please get in touch, as we are can find a workable solution to make it viable.

Unlocking Constrained Sites

Resolving Stalled 

 Land Sites

Flood risk and site contamination can often lead to exceptional costs and onerous planning conditions thus leading to the stalling of sites, inevitably resulting in poor design and layout making the scheme unviable. 

Reworking such schemes with us can often lead to added value and better scheme designs that will facilitate development and maximise land values. 

If you have a stalled site we are happy to carry out a no-obligation assessment of how can we enhance the value of the site. 

Image by Timothy Eberly
Resolvin Stalled Sites
Image by Stephen Leonardi

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