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Top Tips for getting the best value for your land

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Does the following describe your land predicament:

-  You inherited a piece of land and you do not know where to start about selling it?

- You own a pile of dirt

- You are a proud owner of a pile of bricks with a large garden 

- You bought land speculatively and you do not know what to do next 

- You bought land speculatively and you do not know what to do next ? 

Here are a few steps that you need to take to realise the value of your land.

1. Get a planning appraisal for your site. 

2. Assess the demand for the proposed development use in the area.

3. Carry out surveys for the site

4. Appoint a planning team consisting of planners, civil engineers, transportation consultants, ecologists & etc

5. Attend planning meetings and fight against the not in my backyard brigade 

Does this sound like you? Certainly not right! Let us do the heavy lifting for you. 

Simply choose the route that you would like to take to maximise and dispose your land and we will be glad to help.

Option 1 - Unconditional Sale

In this instance the land is sold with or without planning at a price agreed by the landowner and buyer. There are no conditions and these transactions tend to be short in length.

Option 2 - Conditional Sale / Option Agreement Subject to Planning

The buyer is only obligated to purchase the site/land once it has attained planning consent. There is typically an agreed time period or 3 or 5 years to obtain planning. Once planning is obtained the buyer buys the site. In this instance it is the buyers responsibility to pay for planning.

Option 3 - Promotion Agreements 

This is typically a long term strategy where your land will be offered for allocation to the Council via the Local Development. This option gives the landowner more control as they retain the ownership of the site whilst the promoter promotes the site. The promoter will pay for planning with the costs deducted from the land sale once planning is achieved.

Caversham Land has offers a flexible approach considering all above land sale options.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your land or property.

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