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1 Million New Homes Proposed in the South East!

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Did you know that there are proposals for 1,000,000 new homes in the South East. These new homes are to be built in the Oxford to Cambridge ARC. 

The Oxford to Cambridge ARC is the proposed economic blue print for economic development in the South East, it is considered to be a great opportunity to create a sustainable economic and social legacy outside London. It will create a million new homes together with a million new jobs and associated working places.

This is indeed a once in a generation opportunity for growth outside London, how are the housing targets going to be met for this new demand? Currently we have a desperate land problem with many councils, towns and cities failing to meet their housing targets. The greenbelt and AONB firmly tuck in development into existing conurbations that we have no capacity to accommodate additional housing. This situation is compounded by the ever increasing population and the fact that generally we are living longer. Therefore the demand for land is great in the South East but how do you take advantage of it to maximise the value of you site.

So you have a piece of land but you are wondering how much is it worth? 

Here is a list of things that you could do to find out the whether there is demand for your particular site or not?

  • Find the local plan of the area in which the land is situated and review what the policies say about housing and development requirements in your area. Or designated employment areas.

  • Find the 5 year plan and review whether or not the council has been meeting or is bound to be meeting the future housing demands. If the council is struggling then there is a good chance that Future development may be possible on your site. 

But to be honest that sounds too simple to really find out what is the true worth of your site and what developers will be willing to pay for it. If you want to really know more about the development opportunity at your site get in touch and we will take the guesswork away from it. 

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